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  • Are you serious about reducing waste and cost from your organisation

Buildings account
Buildings account for almost half of the energy consumption and carbon emissions in the UK
Heating & hot water
The heating and hot water used in your building can amount to Half of all your energy costs.
According to CIBSE the average building loses 75% of its heat generated by boilers.

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This process energy saving and cost reducing process is known as Optimum Water Temperature (OWT TM ). This increased control on water temperatures supplements the levels of control that is available through the use of Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) which are known to be restricted in this aspect.

Why Fuelstretcher

  • Technology

    Fuelstretcher is the only technology that provides Optimum Water Temperature (OWT TM ) in real-time based on predictive analysis of the specific thermodynamic characteristics of your building.
  • Trust

    • The Fuelstretcher technology was developed with the Building Research Establishment (BRE), who are the UK's leading building research centre and has a universally recognised reputation for the highest levels of ethical and environmental excellence
    • The Fuelstretcher promise is that we will provide a trial installation for any customer free of charge, where we cannot demonstrate a minimum of 10% energy savings.
    • Fuelstretcher offer a shared savings model offering no upfront cost and no risk to our customers
  • References

    Fuelstretcher has been successfully installed in many buildings over the last 15 years, with average fuel savings of 15% identified at no cost to building comfort levels.
  • Support

    Fuelstretcher offers support before, during and post the installation process including on-going support agreements that include remote diagnostics and reporting.
  • Flexible

    We offer our customers a range of purchasing options from outright capital purchase through to shared savings programmes.

Satisfied Clients

London Borough of Sutton (30% energy reduction)

Grattan PLC (16% energy reduction)

Rushcliffe Leisure Centre (19% energy reduction)

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Fuelstretcher is a provider of an energy reduction technology to the UK commercial heating sector.
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