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Fuelstretcher is a provider of an energy saving technology to the UK commercial heating sector. Organisations using gas, oil and LPG to centrally heat space and water can significantly reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions by fitting the Fuelstretcher technology.

Founded in 2001, The Fuelstretcher technology was developed in partnership with the Building Research Establishment amid concerns by building and sustainability professionals across Europe of poor central heating system efficiency and control practices.

Their concerns were founded on the basis that even though there are many advanced new tools for managing comfort levels in buildings, there was a distinct disconnect in linking these comfort levels with efficient Boiler output and performance.

From this extensive research project an intelligent controller was designed and developed. The new “Fuelstretcher” retrofit boiler controller is self-tuning, easy to install and commission. With the Fuelstretcher installed, customers can expect to see a reduction of between 5 and 30% of energy consumption under all weather conditions with no sacrifice in comfort due to the change in control.

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Fuelstretcher is a provider of an energy reduction technology to the UK commercial heating sector.
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