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Fuelstretcher began its journey into heating optimisation for medium to large buildings back in 2001 with its unique Optimal Water Temperature (OWT) technique applied to boiler management and efficient heat supply. Building Optimisation, as a practice, is now gathering momentum amongst landlords and building managers to enable them to deploy their valued building assets to their full potential. For Fuelstretcher, offering retrofit of building heating energy efficiency improvements is no longer its “end game”.

We are now embarking on the mission to optimise the entire building heating system. As a result we now expect to add a further 10% to the 15% saving threshold we have consistently demonstrated over many years across a wide spectrum of buildings. We now integrate, as a key objective, our optimisation algorithms with the building’s existing controls network or BMS. This immediately empowers the BMS network with a 15% saving in heating energy.

In return, integration, with permissions from our client, gives us remote access to valuable systems performance data through the internet. We are now able to closely and continuously remotely monitor the BMS, embedded with our algorithm, as well as the performance of system mechanical plant. By experience, we are certain of the positive impact that this integration will have on improved BMS performance, systems efficiency and building comfort.

This confidence is based on the remote monitoring “window” through which, over many years, we have independently observed the performance of other system controls and heating equipment. Although regularly maintained, we found that often, Building Management Systems (BMS) and other heating system equipment have often not been performing well against their optimal comfort and heating efficiency requirements for the building.

Based on our traditional consultative approach our clients are now encouraging us to participate more widely in the remote monitoring of their heating systems as a means of optimising them. We also believe that the traditional building services sector will benefit from the information we provide through modern communication technologies and the “internet of things”. We also expect that the way in which the maintenance of BMS and Plant is defined, scheduled and carried out, will be transformed and there will be a part for our Smart Heating Optimisation to play in this.

Innovation is not confined to technology. We have investors who have studied the robust scientific origins of our technology, its endurance and clear evidence of heating energy savings over 17 years. They recognise the significance of sustainable building optimisation to our clients in terms of carbon emissions management and corporate governance and profit.

Very importantly our investors understand risk and reward and are convinced of the long term profit opportunities for all. We are therefore open to a number of creative financing options for our Smart Optimisation programme all of which are underpinned by our guaranteed savings in client heating fuel consumption.

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