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Fuelstretcher wishes to ensure all of our clients receive a “world-class” experience when working with us.  Our highly consultative approach supports our complete customer lifecycle from the time we first speak to on-going support post implementation.

Site Survey
The Fuelstretcher process kick-starts with a site survey to establish the existing heating and hot water capability, configuration and performance. Special attention is given to the suitability of the environment for Fuelstretcher and optimal locating positions for sensors and other aspects such as remote connectivity.

Fuelstretcher are happy to do a trial for any potential client on the basis that the customer progresses with the purchase subject to a proven energy saving of 10%.

Installation will be done in conjunction with customer engineers or through our network of approved installers. Installation typically takes no longer than 4 hours per unit. No system drain-down or intrusion of heating pipework is needed and comfort levels are maintained during the process.

Once installed, the Fuelstretcher operations team will remotely connect to commission and test the unit for operation.

Fuelstretcher offers telephone support in normal business hours as well as support contracts that include remote troubleshooting,  heating system fault diagnosis.

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Fuelstretcher is a provider of an energy reduction technology to the UK commercial heating sector.
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