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Energy saving Innovation through Boiler Control

  • Fuelstretcher applies unique predictive techniques to set boiler temperatures, ensuring that the energy consumption of the boiler is optimally matched to the required comfort levels of the building.
  • Most Building Management Systems apply limited intelligence to boiler set-points beyond ensuring that the comfort demand is met without complaint on the coldest of days by using secondary circuit control. Such boiler temperatures are therefore most often excessive for most of the heating season and unused heat is returned to the boilers for re-heating having lost up to 75% of the original supply heat.
  • The Fuelstretcher minimises these losses by "learning" the point of equilibrium of heat supplied and that demanded by the Building Management zonal set-points, it then predicts on a daily basis an efficient boiler temperature which will satisfy comfort but with minimum waste heat energy.
  • The case for retrofit of Fuelstretcher to buildings already managed by Building Management systems is therefore compelling, with a number of excellent case studies supporting this
  • Other anti-cycling or dry-cycling control technologies share the Fuelstretcher objectives to reduce energy consumption whilst retaining comfort levels, however the means of achieving this is very different. Anti-cycling devices delay boiler output but do not prevent inefficient boiler temperatures being delivered to secondary and tertiary circuits. Put simply anti-cycling and dry-cycling systems are not efficient if they are still supplying hot water temperatures to the secondary circuits with the boiler set-points set higher than they need to be.
  • Research by the Building Research Establishment identified that the basis of energy efficiency is the sustained balance between the heat supplied by the boilers and the demand for comfort. It is the ability to identify, match and maintain this "balance", throughout the heating season, that differentiates Fuelstretcher from any other solution in the market today.  The Fuelstretcher algorithm monitors and predicts Optimum water temperatures to maintain efficient supply and often improved comfort
  • Another key differentiator is that the Fuelstretcher can manage up to 4 boilers unlike the anti-cycling and dry-cycling technologies on the market today which serve only single boilers

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Fuelstretcher is a provider of an energy reduction technology to the UK commercial heating sector.
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